Frontline Warriors

This is an ongoing photo series to document the people that are often taken for granted, those that do not seem to impact us the most as they don't work in frontline jobs, those that we do not see day to day working silently away. 

Digital Photography by iPhone 6s.


30th March 2016, NTU ADM, Singapore

Ninja cleaning professionals are seen dangling off the glass walls of School of Art, Design and Media, washing the glass dome. 


4th April 2016, NIE Indoor Courts, Singapore

Cleaner carries a oversized blowing machine to blow the leaves away early in the morning at 9:00am to ensure classes can be held at the courts without students slipping on the fallen leaves.

15th May 2016, Hoa An, Vietnam

A farmer is ploughing the paddy field to prepare for the seedlings in the next cycle of rice harvest.


12th June 2016, Tekong Camp, Singapore

A bunch of army boys are throwing their hats off to mark their Passing Out Parade after going through their Basic Military Training.

13th October 2016, NIE Indoor Courts, Singapore

Coach arrived especially early to prepare the courts for training during competition season for the Netball team.


15th October 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Two gardeners are hard at work on a Sunday afternoon to keep the greens in Singapore neat and tidy

17th October 2016, NTU, Singapore

A cleaner is seen sweeping away along the roadsides at 8:30am in the morning, to keep our roads clean from the shedding leaves in school.


31st October 2016, NTU Hall 6, Singapore

Construction workers are patching up the glass roof in the hot afternoon sun to make sure it stops leaking when it rains.

7th November 2016, NTU ADM, Singapore

Professor is lonely in class today as only 2 students turned up for class instead of the usual 18. 


25th November 2016, Guillemard Road, Singapore

Construction workers are seen climbing up and down cleaning the glass and finishing up the construction of the the newly built up flat.

1st Dec 2016, NIE Basketball Courts, Singapore

A professional ninja cleaning man dangles freely to climb atop the sloping roof to wash it clean with his partner through the night.


2nd Dec 2016, Changi Airport, Singapore

The ground crew hurries around the making sure that the flight is ready for takeoff.

5th December 2016, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The family works together to load up bamboo that is used to build construction supports around the delta.


5th December 2016, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

A villager works hard painting someone's boat before it is ready to set sail at the delta.

5th December 2016, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The construction works hand in hand with his fellow mate below to by throwing cement up the building.

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15th December 2016, Tampines Interchange, Singapore

Workers are busy cutting down trees to keep the field clean for open air events.

19th December 2016, Little India, Singapore

Two artists hard at work painting a mural under the hot sun for Singapore Art Week at Little India.

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20th December 2016, NTU Hall of Residence 6, Singapore

Construction workers are busy fixing the roof before the university term starts.

21st December 2016, NIE Carpark, Singapore

Workers are fixing the underground pipe system under the scorching hot afternoon sun.

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11th January 2017, SIM Sports Hall, Singapore

The captain of the team is diligently wiping the floor in the midst of a intense game under his teammates watchful eyes.

19th January 2017, NTU North Spine, Singapore

Workers look as if they are mini people under the vast building they are constructing in the 2pm sun.