ADM: Pattern Banner Design

Pattern Banner Design

“Magnicent. Just look your Majesty, what colors! What a design!”

In the Emperor’s New Clothes, it tells of a story of courtly pride and intellectual vanity. With the emperor pursuing after worldly standards, seeking to be validated by his people while at the same time, his people are also pretentious in nature by not defying his baseless statements. This piece speaks about the conformity of the general public to authority, the fear of speaking out in order to be different.

Instead of using embossing, which is found in Braille, a hole punching technique is used to create a similar tactile effect that only allows one to see it when they are up-close. It expresses how humans are generally short-sighted, to judge purely based on appearances. The banner also emphasises emptiness, the nakedness the emperor is when he paraded around in his glorious clothes.


Taken under Ina Conradi-Chavez, DV2011, Pattern, Art, Design & Architecture

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