ADM: 3 Seconds


3 Seconds

More often than not, media portrays our athletes as the warriors of this Garden City, showcasing the glory of victories. However beyond the glamour and all things bright and colourful in the society today, there is so much more that is shunned away from our eyes. One has never seen the blood, sweat, tears and numerous injuries that plagues them with their daily trainings. The amount of handwork and time that they have put into preparing for the team to perform at a international platform to represent Singapore are usually undermined. 

This documentation, called 3 Seconds, hopes to construct a narrative to showcase the parallel stories between the Netball players of the national team in Singapore, their love for the sport and to shed light on the Singapore sports scene. With many juggling with being part-time athletes and holding a day job this narrative delves underneath the surface of a netball player, there lies much more that are untold and unseen. 

In the game of netball, a decision has to be made within 3 seconds and in that, so many things can happen. The national Netball players go through an intensive and rigorous training daily to perform at the highest level; to be able to make the ‘right’ decision within 3 seconds of attacking play.

Explored through the medium of photography, ‘3 seconds’ seeks to express the complexity of story telling through a vision of the seen and unseen. By creating images to build a series, it allows audiences to form their own composite interpretation according to their own understanding.



3 Seconds is a research project taken under DV3008, Visual Communications VI with Jesvin Yeo